Divine justice… a high montain


       Divine justice is a high mountain whose grounding is mercy and the top is the Glory of the Sun of Justice

  1. 32,4 “For all his ways are equity…Uprightness itself and justice”. According to Rachi, Elohim is the God of justice from Genesis 1. Seeing that the world couldn’t exist with the only perfection of justice, He allows mercy to go first. The name Adonai-Elohim comes from this fact.

Welcoming the greatness of the Divine Justice leads us to welcome first of all the great power of his mercy. St Agustin prays like this: “ Tell my soul, it’s me your salvation. The one who is Salvation is the same who is justice”. He ends up saying: “ I want to go towards this word, and finally grasp it”

       Jesus is the manifestation of the Father’s justice. Living according to divine justice means to welcome Jesus and his word, to keep it for it will bear the expected fruit. It means to open our hearts to his wisdom to understand his ways, and to look forward for it as we look forward for money to discover God’s plan and to walk with integrity in our hearts“You will understand what virtue is justice and fair dealing, all paths that lead to happiness” Prov 2,9

       Isaiah tells us about the fury of the Lord seeing that here was no more justice on earth (Is 59,15)

       “I will not grow weary until my integrity shines out like the dawn and her salvation flames like a torch” Is 62,1

       We are justified in Jesus. We find the way to the Father only His Blood. By this blood we become adopted child of the father having the same inheritance of Jesus. Ph 3…19  “The justice that comes through faith in Christ”  and 1P 2,21-24 : “but he put his truth in the righteous judge…so that we might die to our faults and live for holiness, through his wounds you have been healed” Happy those who hunger and thirst for what is right: they shall be satisfied”.  Mt 5,6

       The thirst of justice according to God’s plan is a righteous hunger for the soul created according to God’s image. Leo the Great says “to love God is nothing else than to search justice”. To welcome this justice, lets us allow our publican heart to grow to unmask our heart of pharisee to expel it. “You want truth deep in me” then” on this way you can speak and show your justice (Jesus, your only Son) being judge and show your victory (his resurrection). Ps 50,6

       Saint James concludes: “because there will be judgement without mercy for those who have not been merciful themselves; but the merciful have no fear of judgement” JM 2,13.

       Divine justice is a high mountain whose grounding is mercy and the top is the Glory of the Sun of Justice

You are just when you pass sentence on me, blameless when you give judgement” (Ps 51,1)

                                                The Council of Alleluia-France